Samuel L. Black and Family in 1850 Census

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Black Surname

The Black family can be traced back to Samuel L. Black. It was stated in his obituary that he descended from old Puritan stock. He was born in Freeport, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania on September 30, 1828. Freeport is across the Allegheny River from Tarentum Borough, Allegheny County, PA, where he then settled at an unknown date(1). There he opened a blacksmith shop and it is known that he apprenticed others to the trade there. He met and Married Maria Hare, daughter of Thomas Hare. Maria came to Pennsylvania with her family from Ireland. Maria and Samuel had three children: John T., Charles H. and Robert J.

Samuel L. Black Obituary

Dr. John T. Black

John T. was born in 1847. Records for John Black have been difficult to find. It is known that he graduated from high school in Tarentum Borough, and then attended and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. His wife’s name is not known. It is believed he had a daughter named Annie who married a Dr. Walter Steffy. John T. eventually settled in Duquesne,(1) and no other information about him is known.

Robert J. Black

Robert J. Black attended the Physicians and Surgeons Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He set up his medical practice on Fifth Avenue in McKeesport, PA, and married M. Blanche coursin in June, 1889. They had two children: Robert J. Jr. and B. Coursin. He continued as a doctor until 1900 when he was elected Mayor of McKeesport, PA. He was very well known and liked in the area. He passed away on 4/27/1918 after “a brief attack of heart trouble” according to his obituary.(2)

Robert J. Black Biography and Obituary

Dr. Charles H. Black

Charles H. Black was born in 1849 in Tarentum Borough, Allegheny County, PA, graduated from high school there, and also graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. He started a medical practice in McKeesport, PA. He met and married Mary Jane Hodgson, born in 1849, the daughter of William Hodgson, born in 1801 in Derbyshire, England, and Charlotte (Watson) Hodgson, born in 1817 in Lancashire, England. Charles’ and Mary Jane’s children were Emmett; Ida, born and died 1873; Samuel Hodgson, 1874-1942; William Black, 1875-1968; Estella, 1875-1957; Roberta, 1881-1883; Jennie, 1886-1913; Charles Jr., 1888-1911(11).

Mary Jane Hodgson Black Obituary

Samuel Hodgson Black

Samuel H. Black, son of Charles Holmes Black, was born June 26, 1874 in Elizabeth, PA. His early occupation was that of a motorman on the McKeesport, Duquesne and Wilmerding Railway(4). He met Flora May Lancaster, and after a season of courting, they eloped to Youngstown, Ohio to be married against the wishes of Samuel’s parents, because of the “tender” age of Flora. They made their home on Fifth Street in McKeesport and raised eleven children: Earl, 1896-1896; Irene, 1898-unknown; Hazel Ellen, 1901-1980; Samuel Kenneth (Kenny) 1903-1980; Alvin Lancaster, 1907-1993; Helen Elizabeth, 1910-1953; Dorothea L. (Dot), 1914-2000; Duane Ney, 1916-1980; Elmer Ray (living); Erda Ruth (living); Zenith Gene, 1921-1971(3). Samuel also worked with the Duquesne Light Company for 42 years. He passed away on June 27, 1942(5). Flora May passed away January 28, 1938.

Samuel Hodgson Black Obituary

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McCoy Surname

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The McCoys have proven to be more difficult to find.

The earliest documented McCoys are Andrew and Susan Wilt McCoy. They lived in three places: Tidioute, PA; Tionesta, PA; Franklin, PA; and Armstrong County, PA. They had four children: Henry Wilt, Elizabeth Jane, George W., and “Babe” (unnamed child who died as an infant)(8).

Henry Wilt McCoy married Hannah Elizabeth Shawgo in 1895, and they had the following children: Merle (Bill), Cecil D.(Bowse), John, Lysle, Anna, Laura, Raymond (Pete), Hazel Lucille, and Robert Jackson(3).

McCoy Census Record, 1850, Perry Township, Armstrong County, PA

McCoy Bible Entries

Hare Surname

Thomas Hare, his family, and his two brothers James and Robert, came from Ireland and located in Tarentum Borough, Allegheny County, PA in 1841. They secured a contract to build a section of the Pennsylvania canal, and were considered to be pioneers of the area. Thomas’ wife’s name was Mary, and they had five children: Maria, Alexander, Robert, John, William (6), and Jeremiah (12).

Maria Hare was born in Ireland in 1824(11). She married Samuel L. Black, and they took up residence in Tarentum, PA. They had three children: John T., Robert J., and Charles H. See Black history above for more details on these brothers.

Thomas Hare’s brother Robert Hare married Sarah Flack, and they had two children: Albert and Emma. It is known that Albert Became a doctor and practiced in Tarentum, PA.

Albert Hare Biography
1850 Census Excerpt, Tarentum, PA Borough, P. 747

Lancaster Surname

The earliest Lancaster ancestor is John Lancaster, birthdate unknown, died in about 1838 (9). His wife was Joanna, her surname unknown. It is not known where they lived. It is assumed they were probably farmers. Their children were Mary, catherine, Eleanor, Bartholomu, Andrew, James, and John.

Their son James was born in 1788 in Maryland and married Christinah Winter, born 1793 in Maryland. This generation was known to have lived on the Lancaster Family Farm (link) in Somerset County, Southhampton Township, Pennsylvania. They were married in 1817 and had thirteen children: John W. Susanna, George, Mary, Anna, Rachel, james, Ellen, Ephriam, Hester, Eli, Noah, and Lydia. As far as known, they all grew up on the Lancaster farm.

Their son John W. Lancaster was born in 1818 in Maryland and was married in 1844 to Christiana Wilhelm, born in 1822. Their children were: Sarah Jane, Samuel P., Solomon D., Luther, Catherine, Catharine, Noah, and Zenias.

Their son Solomon D. Lancaster was born in 1851, and married Eliza Ellen Hostetler in 1875. Their children were: Flora May, Mary Elizabeth, and John William. Daughter Flora May was born in 1877 in Lonaconing, MD. She married Samuel Hodgson Black in 1895, and their children were: Earl, Samuel Kenneth, Irene May, Hazel Ellen, Alvin Lancaster, Hellen Elizabeth, Dorothea L., Duane Ney, Elmer Ray, Erda Ruth, and Zenith (Gene). Daughter Mary Elizabeth married Charles Everett Libengood, and their children were: Helen, Melvin Everette, Howard Charles, Arthur Lancaster, Jonas William, Mildred Ellen, and Uhlman Walter. Son John William was not known to be married, and died at an early age in an accident at U.S. Steel.

Hostetler Surname

This line can be traced back to the original settlers, Jacob Hochtetler and his family, who originated from the area of Bern, Switzerland. Much is documented in a book, “The Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler”, and also information is published on the Internet. Jacob Hostetler, born in 1712, arrived in Philadelpia from Switzerland aboard the ship “Charming Nancy” on 11/9/1738. He and his family settled in Bernville, PA. (7) The line can be traced from this family by these descending family members: Jacob, son John, son Jacob, son John, son Jacob, daughter Eliza Ellen who married Solomon Lancaster, parents of Flora May Lancaster, who married Samuel Hodgson Black.

Hostetler Family Website

Second Hostetler Website

Hochstetler Homestead Drawing

Shawgo Surname

The earliest documented Shawgo ancestor was “Peggy”. From census records it is known they lived in New York State. Her children were: George Ellsworth, Peter, Conrad, Catherine, and John. Son Conrad, of interest here, was born in 1804 in New York, and married Margaret Smith, born in 1813. Their children were: Salina, James, George W., Julia, and John Conrad(10).

Their son John Conrad Shawgo was born in 1851 in Pennsylvania, so some or all of the Shawgos had migrated to Pennsylvania by that time. He married Elizabeth J. Haggerty in 1874, and they had eight children: Hannah Elizabeth, George Elias, Mary Loduskey, Ellener Matilda, Sarah Esther, Charles Walter, William Marsdon, and Ida A(10).

Hannah Elizabeth Shawgo was born in 1875 in Franklin, Venango County, PA. In 1895 she married Henry Wilt McCoy. Their children were: Merle (Bill), Cecil D.(Bowse), John, Lysle, Anna, Laura, Raymond (Pete), Hazel Lucille, and Robert Jackson(3).

Conrad Shawgo 1850 Census Record,

Hannah Elizabeth Shawgo McCoy Obituary


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